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Happy New Year!

Back from an unexpectedly long hiatus during which much real life stuff has happened.  While I’m a bit under the weather today, it seemed like a good time to drop something “new,” although not entirely a blog post.

I currently serve as a hospital chaplain, having resigned from my role as a congregational pastor in May, 2016.  The hospital work takes a great deal of time and energy, but I found myself missing leading worship and sermon preparation.

The pastor of the congregation of which I am currently a member, a good friend and colleague, invited me to preach and preside on Jan. 1, 2017, and I accepted.  The provided link is to the archive of audio sermons.  Of course, given the above information, the one to which I would direct you is:  Eighth Day of Christmas.  We took the optional liturgical calendar suggestion to celebrate/commemorate “The Name of Jesus.”

If you’re curious to hear my particular approach, then…listen away!

May peace, hope and joy be discovered and/or renewed in and for you this new calendar year!


Lutheran Church of the Cross – Audio Sermon Archive