Completely overwhelmed.  That’s how I feel.  So much in life, in the news, that cries out to be addressed, yet here I sit staring at a mostly blank screen, with too many colliding thoughts and an anxious atrophy in my ability to coalesce those thoughts and feelings into typewritten words.  And the whole time I sit here trying to figure it out?  Lots of other people have done what I seem unable, and with more efficiency, depth and beauty than I can ever imagine generating on my own.

From election politics to violence of every sort to individual rights and freedoms to what it really means to be a person of faith…there are so many other writers who have their voices and their words at the ready, able to respond, comfort, debate, challenge, empathize.  I can’t even keep up with them.  It seems it would be a full-time occupation (typically an unpaid one, at that) just to try and stay “on top” of things.  There is SO. MUCH. that I don’t even feel like I have the capacity to “listen” to any of it.  It all has a stultifying effect on me.  I’d prefer to sink back into my own cone of silence and anonymity.

Yet, here I am, in my personally reserved little corner of the interweb.  For all the good intentions I had during this period of transition and “down time,” I just can’t seem to focus enough creative energy to do more than write this brief entry (which, no doubt seems kinda whiny).  There are STILL (11) incomplete drafts, and the recycled material is nearly used up.  So, I’m going to have to do something.

At least there is a potential cycling ride report forthcoming as I have committed to participating in the Tree City Rolling Tour ride for the second consecutive year.

I’ve also had an opportunity to “rediscover” some long-ignored music from my music archives.  That has been fun, in its own way.

I hope wherever you are today, whatever you are doing, that it will bring someone else joy and comfort, and for you contentment.