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As noted in the first post here, it has taken me this long to enter the world of blogging. For many, this is likely akin to your grandparents just getting their first flip-phone as you contemplate things like smart watches and the like.

Which begs the question, “Why now?”

Maybe it was a sudden burst of creative self-expression that has lain dormant for too long? Maybe I was feeling I had been silent and wanted my voice heard? Quite possibly the most honest yet mundane explanation would be a moment of bored distraction.

Its not like I needed to add something else to my to-do list.

Anyway, I have read a number of blogs, although all of them inconsistently. There are honestly too many to keep up with, even the really good ones written by peers, friends and colleagues. And, I have always wondered what drives one to go public with their thoughts, opinions, perspectives. After all, whom do I think really cares what I say/think/feel about any given topic especially amid the myriad voices and opinions already well-established?

A few years ago, I made this observation on a particular blog that a friend suggested. The specific blog article and my comment still exist: Speaking Publicly to Myself

I suppose I would liken my current blog self-perspective as that of a “Stand-up Philosopher.” (just call me Comicus)

Given the above observations, this venture may just burn itself out as a passing fad/interest that scratches a temporary itch in my ego.

For now, I am dabbling and creating a number of potential/draft posts. Whether they see “print” or not, maybe the exercise of just writing things out will be sufficient. Time will tell.