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WAY late to the land of blog authorship. I have recently been (mildly) inspired and gently encouraged, however, to do so. The question is (or almost always), “How to begin?” Through the miracle of WordPress, I created an account to be able to read a few friends’ blogs, collected in one place (ala Blogspot Dashboard). I was a bit surprised and amused that “pedal2metalpastor” was available, but after a little reflection maybe it makes sense that connecting those things in sequence isn’t such a common occurrence.

Okay, so not the most compelling or auspicious start to online revelations, but here we are. So here’s the basic equation:

80's vintage Huffy 10-speed bicycle nicknamed Lazarus

(~35 y.o. Huffy, nicknamed Lazarus)



(# of wheels)


metal-709692_1280(fan of much music, mostly but not exclusively this genre)



(ELCA/Lutheran Pastor)


Well, I think you get the idea.

Anyway, I guess I will periodically use this space to offer/inflict my ride reports, music reviews and observations, faith reflections and the ways those things intersect or interact (when, not if, they do).

There are obviously many more facets, interests, pursuits, etc. than indicated by the name above the title, and those will likely be explored throughout this experiment (assuming it isn’t drastically short-lived).

So…there it is.  I can now check “blog author” off of my “Things I Might Do Someday” list.